Features of Toraysee Industrial


Toraysee is a high-performance wiping cloth made with microfibers created by Toray's proprietary polymer science. At their finest, single fibers in Toraysee products are just 0.07 dtex (approx. 2 µm). Toraysee, with its dense array of these ultra-fine fibers, is the perfect material for wiping minute contaminants and dirt from surfaces. It is in wide use in industries that are averse to microscopic dirt.

Superior wiping performance

The ultra-fine fibers, high fiber density and high number of pores per unit area of Toraysee give it superior wiping performance.
The finest of the ultra-fine fibers used in Toraysee are approx. 2 µm.
An electron micrograph comparison of Toraysee and a conventional cloth shows clearly just how fine Toraysee fibers are.

  • Ordinary cloth (Nylon)
  • Toraysee™ MC

Wiping Mechanism of Toraysee

  • Ordinary fiber (approx. 15μm in diameter)

    Ordinary fiber (approx. 15μm in diameter)
    With conventional fibers (fiber diameter of approx. 15 µm), some dirt is left behind.
  • Toraysee micro fiber (approx. 2μm in fiber diameter)

    Toraysee™ micro fiber (approx. 2μm in fiber diameter)
    Toraysee has ultra-fine (2 µm) fibers arrayed at high densities, so even if the first fiber were to leave some oil film behind, the next fiber or the next will be sure to pick it up.

Cleanability (lint-free)

Toraysee is a knit cloth made with 100% filament, giving it excellent lint-free properties, with little dust raised and no lint shed.
We also offer products for use in environments require a high level of lint-free performance, such as clean rooms. These cloths are cut with a special heat-cutting process and cleaned in a Class 100 clean room environment.
We have a range of products to choose from according to the environment of your intended use.

  • Heat-cut section enlarged
  • Production process


Toraysee uses capillary action to quickly absorb water, oil and solvents, etc.

Chemical resistance

The Toraysee range is made of polyester or nylon filament.

  • Organic chemicals Organic chemicals
  • Inorganic Products Safety
    95% sulfuric acid (Concentrated sulfuric acid)
    60% nitric acid (Concentrated nitric acid)
    15.5% hydrochloric acid (Concentrated hydrochloric acid)
    20% ammonia solution
    40% sodium hydroxide