For wiping surfaces inside production and testing processes.
For use in clean rooms.


Features of Toraysee™ Industrial

Features of Toraysee Industrial

Toraysee is a high-performance wiping cloth made with microfibers created using Toray's proprietary polymer science.



The general catalogue for the Toraysee Industrial product range, individual product catalogues, performance tables and specifications/lot tables may be viewed in PDF files.

Examples of Use

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Clean Toraysee of high wiping performance can be widely used in the manufacturing process apt to be easily damaged by fine dirt or in clean rooms.

Cleaning and machine maintenance in clean rooms.
Manufacturing process of liquid crystal and various types of flat panel displays.
Automated wiping process.
Inspection process
Cleaning in the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals and foods.
Coating process
Wiping off special chemicals and pastes
Manufacturing process of semi-conductors, printed boards, electronic parts and precision machines
Manufacturing process of optical lens and films
Cleaning various types of digital devices and OA devices


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