What can you do with it?

Toraysee can be customized in the following ways.

Original prints

The microfibers can be printed onto, allowing small letters, illustrations and photographs to be printed in detail.
Artworks and information such as maps can be reproduced in print, making it perfect for novelties or mementos.
These prints can survive washing and reuse many times over, continuing to stay intact.

Name printing

Toraysee can be washed and reused many times.
Printing your name or insignia directly onto the cloth provides a good opportunity for PR every time someone wipes their glasses or smartphone with the cloth.

Original packaging

Packaging can be customized to match your budget and taste, from monochrome to full-color printing.
A variety of suggestions are available, including materials, shape, and even printing method.
Increase awareness of your company or product name, and create a vibrant impression on others.