Patent No. 5256623

Medical Equipment and Instruments Maintenance Cloth

Toraysee for CE

  • Non Medical Equipment
  • Non-sterile
  • Microbial-control treatment (*1)


Micro fibers and micro pockets wipe away dirt
and prevent it from re-depositing (*2).

Toraysee for CE (Medical Equipment and Instruments Maintenance Cloth)

Toray's proprietary "micro-pocket effect" wipes up dirt and prevents it from re-depositing on the surface.
Toraysee’s ultra-fine fibers (approx. 2 µm) adhere to the surface being wiped, scoop up the dirt and trap it in the "micro-pockets" (minute gaps between the fibers).
This gives Toraysee excellent wiping performance (trapping function).

  • ※1 Microbial-control treated cloths will not disinfect surfaces being wiped.
  • ※2 According to Toray data.

Product Concept

*Toraysee can be impregnated with disinfectant as required. If using Toraysee for the purpose of disinfection, be sure to use an appropriate disinfectant for the object being disinfected.

Wet use has a 10 times greater cleaning effect than dry use!

*Source: Kitasato University Hospital ME Center (Therapeutic Research 2013, vol. 34, No. 3)


Suitable for daily maintenance in a range of applications, such as hospital equipment, monitors, medicine dispensing machines, etc.

Comparison between Toraysee for CE and conventional cleaning cloth (ordinary fibers) 

Microbial-control treatment provides hygiene and peace of mind

What is microbial-control treatment?

Microbial-control treatment is a treatment that aims to control microbial growth on the cloth’s fibers.

Microbes targeted by microbial-control treatment

◎Evaluation criteria: Antibacterial activity value > Control cloth multiplication value
*Comparison between antibacterial/antifouling value and control cloth multiplication value

Mechanism of microbial-control treatment

Compared to ordinary treatment, in which the microbial-control agent adheres to the outside of the fibers, with Toray’s microbial-control treatment (Makspec®), the microbial-control agent infiltrates the fibers, thus sustaining the microbial-control effect.

Example of use ... Cleaning with Toraysee for CE

Transfusion pump

Use of disinfectant etc

This product has been confirmed to be unaffected when immersed in disinfectants etc. containing the following ingredients at the following concentrations for about 10 minutes.

Figures in ( ) are preparation concentrations used in Toray evaluations

Main ingredient : Sodium hypochlorite MILTON (diluted to 0.1%), MILKPON (diluted to 0.1%), Sodium hypochlorite solution 5% reagent
Main ingredient : Alcohol Ethaprocohol for disinfection, isopropanol disinfectant 70%
Main ingredient : Benzalkonium chloride CLEANER-X, Osuban antiseptic solution 10%
Main ingredient : Hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide 30.0–35.5 % reagent
Main ingredient : Povidone-iodine Isodine solution 10%
Main ingredient : Chlorhexidine gluconate Maskin R/ethanol solution 0.5w/v%
Main ingredient : Alkyldiaminoethylglycine hydrochloride TEGO51 Disinfectant solution (diluted to 5%)
Main ingredient : Ortho-phthalaldehyde DISOPA disinfectant 0.55%
Main ingredient : Glutaraldehyde Cidexplus 28 3.5% solution
Main ingredient : Peracetic acid/Hydrogen peroxide/acetic acid Hemoclean, Kinosan PA-400
Main ingredient : Oxidizing agent (potassium peroxymonosulfate) Rubysta (1w/v%)



Product No MK24H-GCPCE
Packaging: 100 cloths per carton (10 x 10-cloth boxes)
Manufacturer Toray Industries, Inc.
Distributor Toray Medical Co.,Ltd.